Carpet Damage

Carpet Water Damage

[Water damage on the carpet in Northwest Arkansas home] When it comes to carpet damage repair, you need to make sure you take care of this situation as soon as possible in your Northwest Arkansas home.

Aside from having a clean and welcoming home or place of business, you want to make sure that it remains safe. When a carpet is damaged by water, it can be unsafe to those around it, since it does not take long for mold or mildew to accumulate quickly.

As soon as your carpet is severely damaged, your first step should be to contact NWA Water Restoration. More than likely, if you’ve had your home for a certain amount of time, you’ve experienced some sort of carpet water damage.

When something like this happens, you need to make sure that you get the carpet properly restored or replaced as soon as possible.

Assessing the Water Damage in Your Northwest Arkansas Home

When looking at the water damage to your Northwest Arkansas home, especially your carpet, you need to make sure you understand the water source?

Is the water clean?
Is the water sanitary?
How long has it been on the carpet?
How long has the carpet been wet?
These are important factors.

Even if the water is indeed sanitary, it needs to be dried out and cleared out before a certain time. If the water is contaminated, it can ruin your carpet as soon as it touches it. If the carpet is damaged by “black water”, which is normally sewage water or water from a toilet containing feces, you need to get this replaced as soon as possible.

If the water comes from a simple overflowing toilet, you usually do not have to be concerned with a flow onto your carpet, but if the water comes from a broken pipe, you definitely need to call a restoration company as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

Contacting your Northwest Arkansas Water Restoration Company

When it comes to assessing the cost and time associated with carpet water damage to your home or place of business, this can easily be done by a local restoration company, such as NWA Water Restoration.

This is something that you should definitely look into before investing in new carpets or any other materials in your home, because they can be salvageable.

Restoring a Small Carpet in Your Northwest Arkansas Home

[Mold in the carpet after water damage] If you decide to keep your damaged carpet, you need to determine whether the carpet is infected or not.

It’s strongly advised that you make a solution, which consists of a whole gallon of clean water and contains a couple of spoons of liquid bleach (two or three).

With this solution, you can use it to scrub the contaminated portions of the carpet.

If the portion of the carpet cannot be salvaged, perhaps you can cut through the carpet and padding area of the carpet. If mold doesn’t accumulate or spread, you can cut out the carpet and replace it with another piece of carpet. Removing the padding is key.

Alternative Ways of Restoring the Carpet in Your Northwest Arkansas Home

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