Water Damage Cost

Water Damage Costs

[Water Damage Costs] The cost of water damage restoration varies greatly depending on the extent of the damage, as well as several other factors. These include the materials affected, the water type, and the size of the area affected. There are three different categories of water damage, we have them listed for you here, ranging from least expensive, to most costly. Our Northwest Arkansas Water Restoration water damage professionals will give you a FREE estimate of your water damage restoration!

Three Categories of Water Damage:

Clean water – typically from a faucet or a supply pipe. This type of water does not pose a threat to you or your family’s health. Clean water will still do damage to your walls, floors, and any other items that it comes in contact with. To reduce the risk of damage in your home or office, this water should be removed immediately. If clean water is left alone for a long period of time, it can develop into grey water.
Gray Wastewater – contains bacteria and contaminants, usually from overflow of dirty water from a washing machine or a dishwasher. The water originates in the piping of these machines. This water will cause extreme discomfort and sickness if ingested. Gray water is often considered to be water that is “used”.
Black Water – contains sewage water and other toxins. The amount of bacteria and fungi in this water will cause serious illness to anyone exposed to it. This type of water is contaminated and should be removed from your property right away to prevent severe health risks. Black water can lead to rashes, skin infections, nausea, and other side effects. Black water should only be handled by a professional.

Cost of Water Damage

The sorts of water harm above will all do harm to your property. It is imperative to have any abundance water expelled the minute you detect the water to keep more water harm from happening. In the event that the perfect water in your home or office is reasonable, you can begin the way toward evacuating it yourself. With dim and dark water, we prescribe employing an expert group to expel the water as quickly as time permits. Both of these sorts of water are unsafe to take in for you and your family.

Here at NWA Water Restoration we understand the heartache water damage can cause, let alone breaking the bank to repair the injury done to your property. We are more than willing to work with you, so call today to speak with one of our professionals about your situation or to schedule an appointment. Let us worry about repairing your home, you’ve been through enough. You can read more about our Water Removal Process here.

[Water Damage Costs] Waiting to remove water damage will lead to the growth of mold and other bacteria. Clean, gray, and black water will all develop mold when given enough time. Mold removal will bring up the cost of repairs. Removing the water right away will keep your cost much lower.  You can learn more about our process for Removing Mold Damage here.

We have staff on call 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule an appointment to remove any type of water damage from your home. The longer you wait, the more damage will be done. Once we understand your situation over the phone, we will send out a professional to investigate the water damage and provide you with an estimate to remove the water and repair any damage.

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